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US breadth is up
STI vol breadth is up
price breadth is almost up


Negative sentiment – CASH

Market breadth has dipped to negative since 31Jul13, but we continues to ride the upside as long as the price action is still up…until today that is.

Index has now dipped lower than the previous day’s low…so time to exit, take profit on the current long position and stay cash…

cheers 🙂

sorry, have been extremely quiet now…massive hint on the “forbiddence” of social media communications….

Personal Mail_5Apr – On Defensive


Market sentiment for me has start to drfit downwards and looking negative. For both US and SG markets.

So most likely market will stay listless (either down or ranging) for the shorter term.

So it may be good to start looking to stay more to cash, reduce short term/speculative holdings (shorter than 1yr). Or try to consider more of longer term investments (longer than 1yr) with good dividend yields

Unfortunately, the pseudo portfolio presented in my email list to clients would most likely be incurring a small loss. With risk management in mind, losses will be under control 🙂

PMail 05Apr_On Defensive

However, the pseudo trade on STI made some money, based on a 100k capital… hehe

STI Port 08Apr