Personal Mail_04Mar – Sold…and in CASH


So we have finally concluded the current trading window (from 3 Dec 12) today 04Mar13. Gained a neat $11,808 on our 250k pseudo portfolio. Total accumulated $33k++…that spells out roughly 13.25% for trades entered in 2012, with an average 3% capital at risk for every window.

So now we have $283k….. lest arbitrarily keep $3k for a nice holidady trip, or a bag, or a gadget…and plough 30k into our 250k….

Now we start 2013 with a 280k arsenal.

Now we wait.

Now we stay cash.

Now you must also know the above and below are all my personal opinion, for short term active trading, not my company’s view, and you are most definitely not obliged to agree or listen to me at all.

Now that should rid compliance off my back…. 🙂

PMail_04Mar - Sold & Cash


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