Trade Like a Casino 2 – A Brief History of 2012

…A shameless plug of Stephen Hawking’s excellent book….

okok, now lets bore you further…we continue…

3rd Window; Mid Jun12 – Mid Jul12







I know I was pretty long winded and likes to repeat stuffs back on June12… but sometimes it is for good reminder to be pretty long winded and repeat stuffs. It can be at times quite irritating to see someone pretty long winded and repeat stuffs…. oh.

Ok, here’s where I suddenly had amnesia (ow you know why I was pretty long winded an likes to repeat stuffs)…changed our 250k cap into a 200k cap. This also told me one big thing…no one’s reading my mails! Pui!

So let me make an adjustment to all gains or losses from here to year end by multiplying 1.25 to all P&L (*250/200)

This time round, we gained $13.391 (from 10713*1.25)…not bad… 3 cheers for trend trading! Now we have $26,365 “in the bank”

4th Window, Mid Aug12 – Late Aug12 & Mid Sep12 – Early Oct12




A good window to practise and learn about price confirmation and whipsaws, and of course, testing all your risk management “armour”. No positive price confirmation means no trigger, despite market conditions measured as positive.

August experienced a whipsaw, and cumulated with a loss of -$5,050 (from 4040*1.25), and now “bank” has $21,315 for a 250k cap.

Fifth, the Last window for 2012; Early Dec12 – Present (still open as of 05Feb13)




We now have a running paper profit of around $16,516 (based on 250k outlay).

Of course we may not be able to grab it all if it proves to be a real market top…. trend trading is about capturing the main bulk of the big moves, not the absolute top or bottom. You have to give up a bit of the bottom and top…cos we only know that it is trending or stopped trending…after the bottom and top has formed 🙂

So for me, 2013 has not opened yet…maybe we will start off with 280k as market cap, lets see how first.

Let you be my auditor. ;p



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