Trading for a Living: 25Jan_Long >> Sounding like a broken record with the repeat button jammed in


Sitting still and riding a profitable position in a up-trending market, and yet at the same time trying to dismiss profit taking temptations is one of the most endearing trait of profitable trading. It’s tough man I tell you. (Like your sergeant telling you diamond push up, down and hold it there…knn…)

Riding the trend, keep your winners…etc..these words aren’t just popular in recent times…there were already saying these about 100yrs ago…

I personally use market breadth as a gauge for market trends. Right now, it’s positive 🙂

This week, market normalcy set in and we were able to see our pseudo portfolio claw back more gains after the property curbs (we are so short term sighted huh? seems like no one is talking much about the 5% tax thingy now….)

Market breadth (or sentiment, or condition, interchangeably, according to my current mental sentiment, or condition) is still positive, and with rising prices confirming the current rather bullish environment.

As usual, the portfolio is still intact and we still hold long positions until conditions start to deteriorate enough for us to turn defensive or take profits and stay in cash….





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