Reading materials

Here are some good books to read 🙂

The below is rehashed from post 162 from an old thread in singstocks forum. The books are still very relevant to me, trend following and risk management 🙂

Reminisence of a Stock Operator – Livermore
Its like a rags to riches over n over again…not necessary in that order…this book is an inspiration…so many stuff happening 100yrs ago are repeating today…go serach top reading materials for trading…most of the time, this book is the top…not one of the top.

Trend Following – Covel
This book opened my eyes to trends….let the winners ride…and the realisation that u can be profitable even if u win 30% of the time. There are no actual system or strategies to follow here. There are some writers n sites that say the author just borrow people’s work n re-distribute them…very commercial etc…his website looks like a shop to sell things…but then..this book is good.

Turtle Rules – Curtis Faith
A lot of time in library…i had come accross titles like turtle trading…turtles this turtles that…i avoided it like the plague…like books on fibonacci n elliot waves, moon phases trading etc…i mean..c’mon…turtle trading? u got to be kidding me! well…i was abso-f**king*lutely wrong. After trend following, i read up on michael marcus, bruce kovner, ed seykota, tudor jones…it like me to dennis richards >> turtle master…it lead me to this booklet. It just blew me away. this book for me is TFAL & CIMTR all over again. Awakening.


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